Cameo in a future Sluggy (#8)

Pete will draw your likeness in a future Sluggy Freelance comic. By Pete's long-established rule about cameos, your counterpart in the Sluggyverse will die, and probably in a fairly gruesome way. These cameos will happen at some indeterminate date in the future, which might be years away. Pete will send you a piece of the original strip art with your likeness. Shipping is included with your bid, but any art lost or damaged in transit *can't* be replaced and your bid will *not* be refunded if that happens. If you have had a prior cameo in the comic, you may not win this auction because you are dead to Sluggy (canonically speaking). The Cameo is for people 18 years or older and is transferrable. Buy it for a friend! The auction winner will be responsible for sending photos of the cameo-victim so a likeness can be created.

All Bids

Won by em************@g****.*** $170
st*******@g****.*** $150
ti*****@g****.*** $100
jo**@j*******.*** $90
lu***********@g****.*** $80
bi********@h******.*** $75
em************@g****.*** $50
rw******@g****.*** $25
mi*************@g****.*** $21
bi********@h******.*** $20
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